Michael Noonan, PhD

Professor of Animal Behavior



At Canisius College, I was the founder of the following academic programs. As the initial Chair/Director, I managed all aspects of curriculum development, staffing, and student recruitment for these programs. In all, they now serve more than 250 students per year.

 abec The Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation undergraduate major at Canisius College is a unique program combines a strong emphasis on science with a thorough grounding in animal welfare.  It is designed for students who want to thoroughly understand animals, and who also want to leave the world a better place for them.  Click here to learn more.
 ishar_logo The Anthrozoology Master’s Program at Canisius College is the only one of its kind in the US.  In this program, graduate students explore all aspects of human-animal relations.  Click here to learn more.
 ab_small The Animal Behavior Minor allows undergraduate students from other disciplines to pursue a concentration in animal behavior.  Students from a dozen other majors pursue this option.  Click here to learn more.
 zoo_bio The Zoo Biology Minor provides undergraduates with a thorough preparation for careers in zoos and aquaria.  It combines academic coverage of biology, behavior, and welfare with on-site practical in ways that prepare students with a full understanding of zoo animal management.  Click here to learn more.
 az-minor-faces-facing-03 The Anthrozoology Minor is for undergraduate students who wish to supplement their undergraduate students with a concentration on human-animal studies.  Click here to learn more.
 neuro_small The Neuroscience Minor allows Biology and Psychology undergraduates to concentrate on the biological mechanisms that underlie behavior and cognitive process in animals and humans.  Click here to learn more.
 bio_icon_white_400 I also contribute courses to the Biology department curriculum.  This department is one of the premiere centers of excellence at Canisius College.  My contributions focus on the neuro-endocrine mechanisms that underlie reproductive behavior.  Click here to learn more.