Michael Noonan, PhD

Professor of Animal Behavior



Note on Sleep in Captive Giraffes

Kristal, M.B. & Noonan, M. Note on sleep in captive giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata). South African Journal of Zoology, 1979, 14, 108.

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Perinatal maternal and Neonatal Behavior in the Captive Reticulated Giraffe

Kristal, M.B. & Noonan, M. Perinatal maternal behavior and neonatal behavior in the captive reticulated giraffe. South African Journal of Zoology, 1979, 14, 103-107.

When new animals are introduced in a captive environment, increased stress levels can be anticipated. During this time, caretaker concern for the health of the animals and for outbreaks of aggression should be heightened. It is therefore highly beneficial for caretakers to have a sense of the time course over which new animals settle into their new surroundings. When sea lions are held in captivity, it is common for individuals to establish habitual swim patterns within their enclosures. In this study, we used the time course over which a newly introduced sea lion developed a consistent swim pattern as an index of the time course over which it adjusted to its new environment.

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